Vibration analysis laboratory

In this laboratory you will be able to examine a mechanical structure shown in the figures below, using common equipment with in the field of sound and vibration analysis. The experiment is designed to reflect on a common vibration problem in the manufacturing industry, i.e. vibration in internal turning. The object under investigation is a boring bar used for internal turning in a lathe. Vibration problem associated with this type of process is considered to be an important and critical factor concerning the performance, the tool life, the surface finishing, etc. that finally ends up on the productivity and production costs negatively.


You will be controlling a signal analyzer, sending excitation signals through a shaker connected to the mechanical structure and measure the force and the acceleration at different location on the structure. A photo of the interface is shown below. The signal analyser has four input channels and one output channel called source. With all these data available a lot of different analysis can be done of this structure.


Client software based on photo of the real equipment


The boring bar with accelerometers and impedance head, and also stinger rod and shaker.


Technical data for sensors and analyzer channel they are connected to.

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